We are looking for wholesalers and dealers for wholesales of a unique aerosol products of our factory: self-defense weapons, means of protection from animals, professional repellents against mites and mosquitoes, various lubricants, including food-compatible, air fresheners, car and household chemicals, oxygen for breathing, thermal water, refer with primary offerings to:

Phone / FAX: + 7-499-703-0271; +7 (3452) 26-28-96;
Corporate number: +79091888020, incl. to communicate in #Viber and #WhatsApp


2 years work experience in the market and well-established distribution network is an additional asset.

We offer good discounts for the products manufactured by us. Trading margin on our products in stores ranges from 30% to 350% or more.

Advertising support is provided. Many consumers are familiar with our products, it enjoy the ever-increasing demand due to its quality and reliability, since our products are distinguished by properties that are simply absent in other similar products and we carry out filling of cans with a liquid formulation according to GOST – 70%, it lasts a lot longer than cans of other manufacturers filled only for 30%.

Delivery by auto and railroad transport across Russia and the CIS countries.
Trial lots from 1 piece can be ordered directly on the website.
Application on the matters of regular deliveries of wholesale quantities can also be done on the website or by contacting individually:

Department of wholesales: t-a72@mail.ru
TEL / FAX: + 7-499-703-0271, Phone: +7 (3452) 26-28-96;
Accounting: +7 (3452) 22-79-05;

To be considered during ordering:

box dimensions: 455 mm x 304mm x 245mm (0,033 cubic meters)
box contains cans:
110 ml – 172 pcs.
140 ml – 132 pcs.
160 ml – 104 pcs.
210 ml – 82 pcs.
270 ml – 66 pcs.
500 ml – 32 pcs. with the deformation of the box (small extension), without – 28 pcs.

Control-UM in the box:
K2 50 ml – 284 pcs.
K3 65 ml – 279 pcs.
K4- 75 ml – 240 pcs.
K5-110 ml – 172pcs
In one box may also be packed cans of different variety, size and volume.

Euro-pallet contains 5 boxes in a row. If 6 boxes then they reach out of the pallet. Usually 5 rows of boxes are formed on 1 pallet, a total of 25 boxes with a volume of 0.83 cubic meters. Height 1.5 m. The average weight of the box 17.8 kg 1, depending on the type of product and size of cans.

Trade in our product is very profitable business. Customers know us as a leader in the field, therefore trust our products and give it preference.
There have been many cases when just over one year the trade turnover between our enterprise and wholesale customer increased by several times.

We are looking forward to your applications!

Our official dealers abroad

– in countries of the Eurasian Economic Union :


“Vorsord” Ltd (Hunter), a chain of arms stores:
Store address: Armenia, Yerevan, st. Mashtots, 29, TIN 00407789, Tel./fax (37410) 53-36-41, 53-21-69, Email: vorsord@yandex.ru

Our official distributor in the Republic of Belarus, with a warehouse in Minsk

“Ikad” Ltd
Web site is http://oxota.of.by/catalog/sredstva-zashchity-spec-sr
Weapon shop in Minsk on the street. Revolutionary, 10